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The pictures will lead you to specific project WWW. Some of the movies are available for free download. You can have a look on pictures made during shootings as well. For visualization you will need some stereoscopic video player as e.g. DepthQ and stereo-visualization HW. Let us know if you need more details how to see the movies stereoscopically.

Warrior without heart
Fantasy oriented fairy tail recorded by Gali-3D company in cooperation with film group Duchacek-Movies. Is there any force able to stop a true warrior on his quest for glory? Single camera with Nu-View attachment was used.

The Gold of Hanz Hagen
Three dimensional film form Gali-3D production. The movie tells a story about old Nazi magician witch still lives due to his supernatural forces in underground areas near Prague. But the secret agent Vega (known as Bastard Vega) smelts the lost Nazi gold treasure. The movie was recorded by Digital-8 camera with NuView attachment.

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