Unique technologies

New technologies can do almost miracles. You can use them now

There exist several new technologies for stereoscopic 3D visualization. We had prepared for you a few articles describing the key principles of these technologies. Enjoy.

3d stereoscopy

What is 3D stereoscopic visualization?

Just basic information about stereo technology, principe and how it works. If you are beginner in this stereoscopy area, you can find here useful information.

active 3D

Active 3D systems

3D active systems is often useful for small 3D systems, but exists big active 3D cinemas, too. Active 3D is possible use with 3D monitor in your room, so you can watch 3D amazing movies and play modern 3D games. Many 3D cinemas uses 3D active technology with powerful active projector. In ever case, active stereoscopy is based on active glasses with batteries.

pasive stereo

Passive 3D systems

In real life you can meet more types of passive systems. Basic information about them, you can find in this area. By the way, do you know that many big IMAX 3D cinemas uses passive technology with passive polarization glasses?

3D modulator

3D Polarization modulator

3D Polarization modulator is very special technology - combines active and passive system together. If you want to know about this unique technology more, you are on right place.

autostereoscopic monitor

Auto stereoscopic monitors

Here is more types of auto stereoscopic monitors. But all of them you can watch without 3D glasses. If you are interested in auto stereoscopic technologies, you can read more information in this section.


Anaglyph (red-blue glasses)

Very old stereoscopic technology. Many users love anaglyph, many people hate anaglyph. It is just up to you, what do you like. Our company supports all stereoscopic technologies, it means - anaglyph too. But, in every case, we prefer full coloured 3D technologies. Here you can find basic information about anaglyph formats.


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