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Company GALI-3D, s.r.o offers on international market complete solution for 3D stereoscopic visualization.

We offer high quality hardware and software solutions and also we have professional team of moviemakers and 3D cg animators.

We know, that quality is the key, so we don't bother you with small resolutions like PAL or NTSC. Our 3D animations and movies are created in Full HDTV resolution or 2x HDTV!

Many companies know, that hardware accelerated patented technology DepthQ is great solution for all users, who need best 3D quality and affordable price.

DepthQ products are used in many countries around the world.

Our 3D stereoscopic visualization is used in many places, for example in entertainment, by doctors in medicine segment, by scientists in research, for promotion, on exhibitions, etc..

Our DepthQ technology supports all significant 3D formats and 3D stereoscopic and autostereoscopic devices. Also we are developers of special software solutions for special purposes. Last, but not least: We offer complete solutions of 3D digital cinemas and virtual reality CAVE systems.

Kompletní projekty - 3D natáčení, animace, zpracování i prezentace
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