About GALI-3D

We can give more dimensions to your ideas ...

The target of GALI-3D company is to introduce on Czech and middle-Europe market technologies based on the principle of 3D stereoscopic visaulization . We offer both HW necessary for this methods of visualization as well as content creation services.

3D stereoscopic visualization is a long known method, but last development in the filed of computer graphic and HW made this methods more accessible. Our company would like to make such advanced visualization methods accessible for everybody.

In he past people working now for GALI-3D were involved in several stereo-visualization projects - mostly in the form of contract based software development. Just now we cooperate especialy with a American company specialized in stereoscopic services LightSpeed Design , Inc. You can find more information about our work in references section.

We can offer our services to companies willing to use avanced technologies to attract clients as well as to individuals building e.g. their private 3D stereoscopic home cinema.

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