Adding stereoscopic subtitles to your movies by the help of ffdshow !

You can see 3D stereo movies with subtitles *.sub, *. txt, ... with ffdshow!



1) The source movie must be encoded by DivX or XviD in over/under format. Ffdshow can add stereo subtitles to any format in post-processing mode – but this future is not discussed in this manual.

2) You have the subtitles in .sub format in the same directory as your movie (and with the same file name)

3) You had installed ffdshow 20040813 or higher (mirrored link for download ffdshow-20040813.exe)


Activation for DepthQ stereo video player:

1) You should adjust in ffdshow control panel very high “Merit” by the corresponding slider:

2) Ffdshow should be later accessible by standard filter configuration access



Activation for Peter Wimmer Stereoscopic Player

1) Set the ffdshow as preferred DivX decoder:

2) Ffdshow stereo control panels should be accessible through Filter setup later



Ffdshow stereo subtitling setup

1) You should activate the stereo subtitling and adjust the move parallax. For both “Warrior without heart” and “Bastard Vega – Gold of Hanz Hagen” movies form Gali-3D production the optimal parallax setup is about 2.0.

2) You can eventually change the font and optimize setting for local alphabet (Russian azbuka setup shown):

3) In 2D output mode the correct output of stereoscopic subtitling should look like this:

  cesky   english