Sample codes using 3DOF angular headtracking


    I have written several sample codes demonstrating 3DOF angular based (roll, yaw, pitch) headtracking navigation in different sort of VR scenes. Some of the codes use even stereoscopic output based on HW independent OpenGl interlaced pattern creation. All the codes could use keyboard for headtracking emulation or VFX3D VR headset based headtracking. Source and executable codes for all samples are given (Visual C++ 6, Windows platform only). Enjoy !

Used technology:

OpenGL for graphic output acceleration Quicktime and Quicktime VR VFX3D HMD for headtracking and stereoscopic visualization

Sample codes:

Screen shot Name/ Functionality description Download links Related links


Stereoscopic modification of glPanorma_VFX3D. It could load 2 jpeg images as source and show them in interlaced or HW page flipped stereo. Mouse, keyboard and VFX3D/Cyberpuck navigation.

Executable with test image

Executable and source

WWW with sample stereoscopic panorama and preconfigurated .bat files for glPanorama execution


OpenGL accelerated cylindrical JPEG scenes visualiser. Based on glPanorama code by Gerald Schrocker. Mouse, keyboard, VFX3D/Cyberpuck navigation.
Executable only

Executable and source

Geral Schrocker WWW

Panorama Factory WWW - cylindrical JPEG creation

QT_VFX3D (beta 15)

Visualization of Quicktime VR cylindrical and spherical .mov panorama files by the help of headtracking. The code could play 2D movies as well. Joystick, mouse, keyboard, VFX3D support.
Executable only

Executable and source

Quicktime WWW - quicktime installation and sample scenes


Simple VR OpenGL world creation based on NeHe lesson10 tutorial. Stereoscopic support for HW page flipping and interlaced pattern creation. Joystick, keyboard, VFX3D navigation.
Executable only

Executable and source

NeHe OpenGl tutorial WWW

My tutorial for stereoscopic output creation throw OpenGL

MCE_VR (beta8)

The project on witch I am working professionally. Scientific visualization of force fields given as voxel table. Mesh generation throw Marching Cube algorithm and Marching Square algorithm. 
Stereoscopic output, joystick, 
joy pad, VFX3D navigation.
Executable only

Executable and source code



Let me know if you find this software useful of if you have some commnet/request .
I can e.g. prepare a more user friendly commercial versions of the visualizers with
tracking support for other types of  HMD if some company is interested.

Michal Husak

Other related useful links:


Quicktime VR WWW

IISVR - VFX3D manufacturer WWW

My OpenGL stereoscopic coding tutorial

General information about about stereoscopy

Information about graphic cards with stereoscopic OpenGL accelerated support

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