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The technology described on this WWW was licenced to Lightspeed Design company. See for details.

What is GLSRenderer ?

The result of  several years of work on search for the best stereo video playback technologic solution . It could be described as universal Direct Show stereoscopic Video Renderer Component.

Key features illustrated by images:

Software player independent component solution based on COM interfaces and Direct Show technology. Following image illustrates the incorporation of the stereo-video playback into Zoom Player environment . It can cooperate with any other Direct Show based playback software or video editing environment as well.

The player supports all common stereo-video source  formats. The best supported output mode now is OpenGl HW page flipping, other modes (gray on the control panel) are in alpha stage of implementation.

The component uses full power of the Direct Show compatible formats support and performance management. Following image illustrates the automatically created filter graph of direct PC playback of MPEG2 compressed interlaced stereoscopic stream (originally targeted for TV DVD playback). The non deinterlacing Elecard mpeg2 decompressor was chosen by the Direct Show A.I. Pentium III at 500 MHz was used for playback.


Other features:

  • Support for all existing video compression formats (mpeg1, mpeg2, DIVIX, ASF, DV, MJPEG , all existing avi formats).
  • Can replace the standard Microsoft Video Renderer and give stereoscopic capabilities to any player (including Microsoft Media Player) without the original player code modification.
  • It is possible to play video in full stereoscopic resolutions (e.g. double PAL = 720x1152) on sufficiently powerful HW.
  • HW acceleration of the image processing routines by the help of OpenGl commands.
  • Cooperation with decompression filters  using MMX or SSE instructions, internal usage of MMX instruction for critical operation under development (this parts are in assembler now)
  • Still stereoscopic image support.
  • OpenGl and HW independent modes support in window playback (WINX3D and nVidia modes  works only in full screen). Full screen support in all modes.
  • Direct playback of TV targeted stereoscopic DVD on PC (the SlingShot  3D collection) in combination with proper mpeg2 filters (in alpha testing now)
  • Compatible with SciTech GLDirect product witch support stereoscopic OpenGl HW page flipping on most common graphic cards and Windows version



Offer to license this technology:

I am just searching for companies which want to include this technology into their products. I offer licensing this component or selling the whole code eventually.
Demo version could be obtained under request for evaluation. I can eventually prepare a version with cooperate only with specified front-end player under request.

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Michal Husak

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