The new InFocus DepthQ ™ 3D video projector

is truly the first of its kind. This affordable, portable 3D projector delivers rock-solid 120hz stereo 3D for a fraction the cost of other single-lens 3D projectors. The new InFocus® DepthQ™ 3D video projector uses the latest Texas Instruments Digital Light Processing™ technology and provides a stunning 2000:1 contrast ratio. Whether in the office, laboratory, boardroom, or game room, the new DepthQ 3D projector puts 3D visualization into the hands of the many instead of a privileged few..

•  Affordable – Only $3,995, a fraction of the cost of other single-lens 3D projectors

•  Portable – At 6.8 pounds it fits under your arm and takes 5 minutes to set up

•  Quality – Flicker-free, 120hz 3D with DLP™ technology from Texas Instruments

•  Versatile – Watch 3D movies, games, or work “live” on collaborative CAD visualization

•  Powerful – Engaging 3D presentations that communicate ideas and produce results

Product Design and Engineering:

Stereo 3D is scientifically proven as the most effective way of communicating visual ideas. Companies recognize this fact and have spent millions of dollars equipping their design engineers with stereoscopic visualization facilities. The new InFocus DepthQ 3D projector makes stereo 3D an affordable tool for the line engineer and product designer, allowing real-time projection of stereo 3D CAD designs at 120hz for collaborative product review. SolidWorks, a world leader in 3D CAD modeling software, now supports a stereoscopic 3D function, as do many other design platforms.

Sales and Marketing:

DepthQ 3D ™ gives salespeople a unique and versatile 3D presentation option that's powerful, portable, and packs a punch. Marketing professionals will be delighted with the “WOW” factor and the ease with which product designs can be incorporated into custom 3D presentations. DepthQ 3D ™ also supports standard 2D applications for video and PowerPoint.

Videogames and Movies:

Looking for a truly immersive experience? Imagine playing your PC games or watching 3D movies in projected stereo 3D. With a growing list of games and 3D movies available, the new InFocus DepthQ 3D ™ projector gives you a variety of options for video entertainment in the home. The InFocus DepthQ 3D ™ projector also functions in standard 2D mode.


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Lightspeed Design, Inc. is the "World Wide" exclusive distributor of InFocus DepthQ™ 3D projectors. For more information call +1 206 784 1385.

GALI-3D has been authorized by Lightspeed Design to resell the InFocus DepthQ™ projector as authorized dealer for sale in the Czech Republic and other locations in Europe.
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